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L.I.S.T. Equipment

Pilates Box™

Fully portable, the L.I.S.T. Pilates Box provides the same conditioning benefits as the Reformer, at a fraction of the cost. When combined with state-of-the-art resistance techniques, the L.I.S.T. Pilates Box provides the length and strength combinations utilized on the Reformer to develop super functional core stability.

The L.I.ST. Pilates Box comes complete with the Pilates Box Program Guide, instructional DVD and foam mats.


With Handles $349.00 plus shipping & handling
Without Handles $299.00 plus shipping & handling

Pilates Box™ Program Guide

The Pilates Box Program Guide is a comprehensive manual that includes 46 exercises utilized in three phases: Phase I - Beginner; Phase II - Intermediate; and Phase III - Advanced.

The Pilates Box Program Guide is free with the purchase of a Pilates Box.

$19.95 plus shipping & handling


The Core-dinator is a multi-joint, multi-axial transverse plane isolator designed to improve rotational kinetics, core strength, endurance, flexibility, power, speed and coordination. The use of this system will increase movement awareness and the ability to maintain an ideal center of gravity, base of support and direction of force correlation in the transverse plane (the plane of rotation).
$449.00 plus shipping & handling

Tornado™ Board  
The Tornado Board is used to create rotation around the vertical axis to fully engage the core. This single-axle rotational device is used to improve ambidexterity and proprioception through the use of multiple plane, rhythmic, full-body movements.
$279.00 plus shipping & handling

Multi-Vector Resistance (MVR) Band
Isolates key muscle groups for maximum functional strength and coordination

L.I.S.T. Multi-Vector Resistance Band is a revolutionary hand-band system that adds isolated and integrated exercise capabilities to the L.I.S.T. Balance Training System. Through the use of accommodating resistance coupled with its unique resistance attachment, the MVR Band system provides multi-vector, low-load stress that enables users to isolate and strengthen key muscle groups in the joint complexes of the shoulder and arm.


$29.95 plus shipping & handling

Pilates Box™ Replacement Bands
Natural Latex Tubing for Superior Performance

Each set includes one light resistance band (natural) and one medium resistance band (black).


$12.95 per set plus shipping & handling
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