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L.I.S.T. Balance System

L.I.S.T. is an integrative conditioning system that provides state-of-the-art functional core training through a combination of fitness concepts. The pillars of the L.I.S.T. Balance System are the Pilates Box™, Core-dinator™ and Tornado™ Board. When combined, these three pieces produce ten unique configurations that will increase core strength, improve movement awareness and increase the ability to maintain consistent biomechanical execution. The L.I.S.T. Balance System is designed to integrate, synchronize and increase whole-body function while producing a vigorous mental attitude.

Pilates Box™

Inspired by the spring-loaded gliding platform of the Pilates’ reformer, The L.I.S.T. Pilates Box represents the next generation in functional core training equipment. Fully portable, the L.I.S.T. Pilates Box provides the same conditioning benefits as the Reformer, at a fraction of the cost. When combined with state-of-the-art resistance techniques, the L.I.S.T. Pilates Box provides the length and strength combinations utilized on the Reformer to develop super functional core stability.

World Cup athlete Kristy Lees performing hip and thigh rotation on the Core-dinator™
This is a phenomenal exercise to strengthen and balance hip and thigh rotators. It will also improve lumbo-pelvic [HUB] stability in the transverse plane. Note the synchronization of thigh and trunk rotation made possible by the closed chain system (i.e., rotating disks synchronized with resistance bands) that is unique to the Core-dinator. This is a particularly effective exercise for athletes whose rotational skills are critical to optimal performance.

World Cup athlete Kristy Lees performing “pushup & pike” on the Pilates Box™
This compound movement, made possible by the destabilized platform of the Pilates Box, combines a yoga type push-up with a piking exercise. It is a great exercise to strengthen the thorax and abdominal muscles. The moving platform of the Pilates Box provides the ability to combine traditional exercises in a continuous fashion resulting in gymnastic type functional strength.

Karl List performing resisted two-hand rotation on the Core-dinator™ with lateral weight transfer
This exercise is designed to synchronize the whole body with an emphasis on legs, hips and spine in the turn and go function. This exercise helps establish a better understanding of the kinetic demands of a full-body turn. Critical to this movement are the Core-dinator’s closed-chain rotational disks that create a synchronous pattern for the user to build on.

Karl List performing abduction and press on the Pilates Box
This compound exercise combines three exercises: abduction, bicep curl and shoulder press. The movement challenges the user's core strength, balance and full-body coordination. This is a great exercise because it enables the user to strengthen a wide range of muscles while improving balance and core-strength.

Karl List performing isolated thigh rotation
This exercise is utilized to improve independent hip and thigh function, and improve knee and ankle stability. It is extremely useful for rehabilitating groin and hip injuries. The user has the option of increasing load through multiple resistance variations.


Karl List performing rotating reverse lunge with overhead shoulder extension on the Master Box™
This is an extremely complex movement that demands an advanced degree of athleticism. It combines the basic mechanics of the lunge and shoulder extension with rotation. Note that the destabilized platform of the Master Box is moving laterally with closed chain rotating disks. The Master Box is recommended for advanced users of the Pilates Box and Core-dinator.



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