Rotational Perfection for a Changing Environment

Perfect movement is produced by form, not by force. The Core-dinator focuses on the
accuracy of movement as the most effective means of improving mechanical efficiency.

The Core-dinator is a multi-joint, multi-axial transverse plane isolator designed to improve rotational kinetics, core strength, endurance, flexibility, power, speed and coordination. The use of this system will increase movement awareness and the ability to maintain an ideal center of gravity, base of support and direction of force correlation in the transverse plane (the plane of rotation).

Most traditional exercise equipment is limited to single joint and sagittal plane motions. We move in three dimensions using multiple joints and various aspects of the proprioceptive system to function effectively. The Core-dinator is designed to actively stimulate the whole proprioceptive system to improve movement awareness and habits. The unique emphasis placed on the kinesthetic senses makes the Core-dinator both revolutionary and highly functional.

Unstable training mechanisms demand far greater core and peripheral stability than do traditional, stable exercise mechanisms. By reducing the friction associated with normal ground contact, the Core-dinator destabilizes and automatically demands the user increase core stability and total body coordination. It also exposes the user to increased proprioceptive stimulation, thus improving spatial awareness.

The Core-dinator, a transverse isolator, increases core strength, stability, function and rotational kinetics.

Benefits and Functions
Increases core strength, stability, function and overall posture Educates muscle-firing sequence
Coordinates the whole body’s kinetic chain in movements that are both functional and therapeutic in nature Challenges the user’s proprioceptive system, demanding greater neuromuscular output than traditional equipment and techniques
Increases pelvic floor and lower abdominal resting muscle tone Effectively isolates the transverse plane (rotation)
Can be utilized to identify and reduce muscle imbalance throughout the body Mimics athletic movements under minimal load to improve movement behavior
Facilitates "new" muscle reintegration in a therapeutic manner Offers both “pseudo” closed-chain and open-chain options
Functions with or without resistance (friction-free) Self-contained, completely portable system
No tools required Multiple configurations

Developed through numerous years of education and experience, the Core-dinator promises revolutionary core strengthening results and great functional benefits.

Core-dinator (Synchronizer configuration with primer board) - isolated destabilized internal and external rotation. Improves strength and mechanics of the ankle, knee and hip.

Whether the movements are slow and deliberate or quick and aggressive, the base-of-support, center of gravity and force direction components must be completely controlled for the system to be used effectively. The Core-dinator will consistently align the moving body to gravity, ultimately, benefiting all of your day-to-day movements.

The Core-dinator will rejuvenate nervous patterns and produce neuromuscular harmony. Because 90% of all movements involve the transverse plane, our bodies must be prepared to select the proper reaction to a variety of situations. This requires balance, flexibility, strength, power, and (sometimes) speed. The fluid coordination of these basic physical elements result in movement that is dynamic, graceful and efficient.

Physical Therapy

The physical therapist and movement specialist can use the Core-dinator to evaluate the kinetic chain of rotation from the arch to the atlas (vertebrae closest to the skull). Pinpointing and stressing the functional essence of movement (i.e., neural programming and muscle sequencing), is perhaps the most important objective of proprioceptive therapy and training. Since 90% of our movement involves rotation, the Core-dinator has the unique potential to unlock the deeply hidden reflexes and motor skills inherent in every body. The result is an instantaneous recognition and awareness of dormant motor skills.


The Core-dinator is a versatile piece of equipment that can be configured to provide athletes with a number of training options to improve rotational skills. With the ability to consistently train in the transverse plane, the Core-dinator can dramatically improve muscle-firing sequences, movement awareness and joint alignment. Furthermore, due to its ability to isolate movements in the kinetic chain, the Core-dinator is an effective device for identifying and rehabilitating neuromuscular and musculoskeletal imbalances. With improved motor skills, the likelihood of injury is greatly reduced.

System Configurations

The Core-dinator, a transverse plane isolator, is a multi-joint, multi-axial movement system designed to improve rotational kinetics, core strength, movement awareness, endurance, flexibility, power, speed and coordination.

Split Board
The split board configuration of the Core-dinator emphasizes turning in one direction or the other depending on the board’s setup. For example, if an athlete can only turn right, the split board configuration can be used to educate the muscle-firing sequence of turning left.

The raised configuration of the Core-dinator can be used in early phase education and rehabilitation of the ankle, knee and hip complex. The angle created by elevating the center of the Core-dinator creates an artificially raised arch that realigns the ankle, knee and hip complex, preventing pronation.

The Synchronizer configuration possesses many of the same qualities as the Core-dinator. It can be used with a 360-degree wobble board adapter for advanced proprioceptive exercises. Due to its easy set-up and portability, the Synchronizer is a great piece to integrate into cable and band exercises.
Isolated Rotation
The Core-dinator can be set up for isolated hip rotation on a stable or wobble platform. It is an excellent device for isolating hip internal and external rotators; and improving the timing of hip, knee and ankle mechanics.



"When I first saw him at Gold's Gym, Karl and his client were so focused and the workout so intense no one dared to get in their way. Wow - what energy - it made me want to go over and start training with them!!! Since that day, I have admired and respected the same solid commitment he gives to each and every client.

For the past three years, I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with Karl one-on-one. Being in the health and fitness industry myself for the past 15 years, I have learned more from Karl than from any health and fitness course, lecture, video or trainer. His understanding of how the body moves and functions is amazing. It's difficult to describe in words just how much I appreciate what Karl provides as a trainer. It's simply something one has to experience."

Theresa Hessler
Pro Fitness Champion


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Special thanks to Theresa Hessler for being our fitness model. Theresa is a Personal Trainer and Pro Fitness Champion working out of world famous Gold's Gym in Venice, California.

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