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 "I have been using Karl List's Pilates Box and Core-dinator with my clients and I am amazed at the results I have been able to make with my client's progress. There is nothing else out there that comes close to Karl's system as far as functional training that integrates pilates core principals in a personal training setting. The investment I made in this system is the best money I've ever spent."
Tertuliano Delgado


Pilates Box
Tornado Board
MVR Bands
Pilates Box - Program Guide
Pilates Box Replacement Bands
Gym Towels

Men's Apparel
Cotton Tees
Cotton Long Sleeve Tees

Cotton Blend Sweatshirts
Nylon Two-Color Short Sleeve Tees
Nylon Two-Color Long Sleeve Tees
Warm Up Jacket and Sweat Pants

Nylon Short Sleeve Tees

Nylon Long Sleeve Tees
  Women's Apparel
Cotton Ribbed Tank
Cotton Tank
Cotton Muscle Tee
Cotton Long Sleeve Tees
Spaghetti Tank
Nylon Spaghetti Strap Tank
Cotton V-neck Tee
Nylon Jacket
Nylon Yoga Wear

Power Training for Martial Arts
Flexibility Training for Martial Arts


L.I.S.T. Inc. Education
L.I.S.T. Fundamentals – Level One

Cost, Credits & Certification

Participants will receive 1.6 units for ACE and 1.0 units for NASM after successful completion of testing

Cost of Testing: $100  



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