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Pilates Box™

The Pilates Box integrates basic Reformer exercises and adds state-of-the
art resistance techniques to achieve a higher degree of functional core strength.

Inspired by the Pilates Reformer, the Pilates Box focuses on accuracy of movement as the most effective means of improving biomechanics, core strength, flexibility, power and coordination. The Pilates Box will increase mind-body awareness and produce a symmetrically conditioned body with strong, lean and flexible muscles.

Modified Extended Triangle Pose
This dynamic tri-planar exercise
uses powerful yoga lines to improve overall grace, posture and strength.

The destabilized design (e.g., gliding platform) of the Pilates Box dramatically improves balance and biomechanical efficiency. By reducing base of support friction through the use of the gliding platform, the user must control the exercise from deep within the core. Production of all other joint force will correlate to central support rather than an inappropriate reliance on ground contact and brute force. Simply put, the Pilates Box cannot be muscled and the user cannot “cheat.” As a result, not only will performance improve, the likelihood of injury will decrease.

Lunge with
External Resistance

This exercise improves stride
mechanics and core function.

The Pilates Box offers the user numerous exercise variations emphasizing controlled dynamic stretching coupled with accommodating resistance on a moving platform. This is one of the most effective ways to condition the body’s muscle recruitment mechanisms and improve mechanical efficiency. This gives the Pilates Box numerous advantages over traditional strength and flexibility training techniques.

Features and Benefits

Gliding platform dramatically increases mind-body connection
(whole-body awareness)
Creates a symmetrically
conditioned body
Increases core strength (strength from the inside out) and overall posture Creates strong, lean and flexible muscles
Emphasizes controlled dynamic stretching (eccentric loading)
Improves accuracy of functional movement patterns Offers exercise variations that
are only available with original
Pilates equipment
Two basic configurations produce numerous resistance exercise variations without bulky weights
The size of a briefcase, easily portable Sets up and breaks down in seconds No tools required  


Dynamic Core Function — Side Lunge
This dynamic stretch on a Pilates type system is great for lateral movement, range and stability. The destabilized platform of the Pilates Box brings new proprioceptive challenges to functional exercises.



Master Box
The Ultimate in
Balance Training

Combining the destabilized platform of the Pilates Box with the rotational discs of the Core-dinator, the Master Box is designed to maximize mechanical efficiency, joint alignment, coordination, flexibility and functional core strength.

Karl List with pro fitness champion Theresa Hessler on the Master Box performing forward rotating lunge.

The platform of the Master Box creates a deep mind-body connection

When balance is introduced into an exercise, the dynamics of the movement are expanded to include the coordination of the body's entire neuromuscular system. To maintain balance every muscle in the body must fire in proper sequence.

The Master Box delivers "LISTability"

“The correct combination of joint motion, timing and force to produce the optimal stability and mobility for movement is what I call LISTability, an inherent benefit of the L.I.S.T. Balance System.”

Karl List

The Master Box teaches proper thigh rotation

The Master Box is designed to enable athletes to maintain the kinetic chain through the full range of motion. As we move through each exercise in the Master Box program, we accumulate and organize vast amounts of new proprioceptive stimuli that have not been available through traditional training regimens. The result is a dramatic increase in the athlete's neuromuscular control resulting in a dramatic increase in performance.

Rotating Reverse Lunge with Dumbbell Press
The Master Box allows exercises to be performed through
the full three-dimensional rante of motion.

Good balance reduces the potential for injury. Advanced prorprioception separates the greats from the average.

Features and Benefits
Challenges the user's proprioceptive system, resulting in greater neuromuscular control Improves movement awareness through the full range of motion Coordinates muscle-firing sequence for gross motor functions
Improves reaction time and response selection, and increases visual field awareness Coordinates whole body movements that are both functional and therapeutic Effectively integrates three-dimensional dynamic flexibility with strength and balance
Mimics athletic movements under minimal load to improve movement behavior    



The Pilates Box and Master Box are registered trademarks of List Integrated Systematic Training, Inc.

Patent - L.I.S.T. Pilates Box United States patent #10/087.079

Special thanks to Theresa Hessler for being our fitness model. Theresa is a Personal Trainer and Pro Fitness Champion working out of world famous Gold's Gym in Venice, California.

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