L.I.S.T. Balance System
The Next Generation in Functional Core Training

The L.I.S.T. Balance System provides state-of-the-art functional
core training through a combination of fitness concepts.

The L.I.S.T. Balance System is designed to integrate, synchronize and increase whole-body function. The primary components of the L.I.S.T. Balance System are the Pilates Box, Core-dinator and Tornado Board. When combined, these three pieces produce ten unique configurations that will increase functional core strength, improve movement patterns and decrease the likelihood of injury. The configurations consist of: Pilates Box; Core-dinator; Tornado Board; Synchronizer; Synchronizer Isolated Rotation Configuration; Wobble Board; Master Box; Cyclone; Core-dinator Split Board Configuration; and Core-dinator Raised Configuration.

System Configurations

1. Pilates Box™
Inspired by the Pilates Reformer, the Pilates Box integrates basic Reformer exercises and adds state-of-the-art resistance techniques to achieve a higher degree of functional core strength. Weighing just 13 pounds, the Pilates Box is fully portable.

2. Core-dinator™
The Core-dinator is a multi-joint, multi-axial movement system that isolates the transverse plane to improve rotational kinetics, core strength, movement awareness, flexibility, power, and coordination. Users will increase their ability to maintain an ideal center of gravity, base of support and direction of force correlation.

3. Tornado™ Board
The Tornado Board is a uni-axial rotational device that isolates the transverse plane to improve rotational kinetics, core strength, movement awareness, flexibility, power, and coordination. It can also be used for a wide range of exercises similar to the Reebok Core Board.

4. Synchronizer™
The Synchronizer possesses many of the same qualities as the Core-dinator. It can be used with a 360-degree Wobble Board adapter for advanced proprioceptive exercises. Due to its easy set-up and portability, the Synchronizer is a great piece to integrate into cable and band exercises.
5. Synchronizer - Isolated Rotation
The Synchronizer can be set up for isolated hip and shoulder rotation on a stable or wobble platform. It is an excellent device for improving mechanical timing of the hip, knee and ankle complex; and the shoulder, elbow and wrist complex.

6. Wobble Board
Basic Wobble Board with 360 degree wobble disk. It is extremely beneficial for defining the body's vertical axis and conditioning the anti-gravity muscles used in transverse plane exercises.

7. Master Box™
Combining the gliding platform of the Pilates Box with the rotational disks of the Core-dinator, the Master Box is designed to maximize the athlete’s ability to respond to the dynamic, rapid changes in movement required in intense athletic competition. It will dramatically improve balance, mental acuity, gross neuromuscular control, mechanical efficiency, joint alignment, coordination, power, flexibility and core strength.
8. Cyclone™
The Cyclone is an extreme, multi-axial rotational device that can be used for strength, speed and quickness training. It improves coordination and stability for both lower and upper body.

9. Core-dinator - Split Board
The split board configuration of the Core-dinator emphasizes turning in one direction or the other depending on the board’s setup. For example, if an athlete can only turn right, the split board configuration can be used to educate the muscle-firing sequence of turning left.

10. Core-dinator - Raised
The raised configuration of the Core-dinator can be used in early phase education and rehabilitation of the ankle, knee and hip complex. The angle created by elevating the center of the Core-dinator creates an artificially raised arch that realigns the ankle, knee and hip complex thereby preventing pronation. Good for strengthening and aligning the arches, knees and hips.
Resistance (MVR) Band

The MVR Band adds isolated rotation and integrated exercise capabilities to the L.I.S.T. Balance System. The unique resistance attachment of the hand band system provides multi-vector stress that will enable users to isolate key muscle groups in developing maximum functional strength and coordination. A simple change in hand position will significantly alter the muscles recruited to perform the same movement. This will improve joint stability and awareness of force application from the feet to the hands via the core.


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