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Deep diaphragmatic breathing should be the first thing taught to students of exercise. This method of breathing is the single best method and most essential component of present moment self-awareness and developing the transverse abdominal muscles, deep pelvic floor and diaphragmatic reflex. Increasing the student’s awareness of the mechanics of breathing and identifying shallow breathing habits and patterns is essential for long-term success.

I would say that flexibility is equally as important as vigorous activity. If you don’t make the time to stretch out each day, the effects of that day’s activity will sit in the body until the next day. When the body is repeatedly experiencing stress, day after day, it stores the memory of the most repeated positions and it becomes tight in some areas and loose in others. If daily activity produces dysfunction, then a strength and flexibility program should be used to combat those issues. Whether you are a person that sits at a desk all day or a professional athlete, increasing resistance and neutralizing the effects of over use should be a high priority.

Creating New Neuromuscular Habits
If you think changing a movement disorder, such as inappropriate extension of the neck in bent over actions, is going to be easy you’re in for a little surprise. Based on my own observation, it takes at least six months to re-establish correct movement behavior. The subliminal reflexes that have brought about pattern habits are so deeply entrenched in the psycho/physical system that in many cases it may take more time than that.
To get an easy understanding of this concept try moving your garbage can to a different location in the kitchen for a while. See how long it takes this repetitive habit, or stimuli/response cycle, to be replaced by a new stimuli/response cycle… habit. You might find yourself dropping trash on the floor where your garbage can used to be.

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