Robert Lefavi, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
College of Health Professions
Armstrong Atlantic State University

"These are the most innovative pieces of equipment and conditioning techniques I've seen in years. Consistent biomechanical efficiency is critical to achieving greater athletic performance and genuine injury prevention. L.I.S.T. (List Integrated Systematic Training) delivers. No serious strength and conditioning program should be without L.I.S.T.!”


Mike Boyle
Strength and Conditioning Consultant

"I have known Karl for three years and consider him to be a true innovator in the fields of personal training, strength and conditioning, and rehabilitation. Karl’s equipment brings together his wealth of experience in competitive bodybuilding and personal training as well as his experiences with alternative forms of training such as Pilates.

Karl has an expert knowledge of the body and of training that has enabled him to develop equipment that is truly innovative. Very rarely do we see true innovation in our field. I believe that professionals from all areas of fitness and rehab will find Karl’s concepts to be intellectually stimulating."

John Perretti - Martial Artist and Creator of Extreme Fighting
“Being an ex-professional athlete, endeavoring late in life to compete in an entirely new sport with a well established list of injuries (both past and present) and having given failing grades to previous trainers, I sought out List Integrated Systematic Training.

Karl List is a one man octopus utilizing innovative straps, bands, motion restrictors and neuron pathway stimulators to achieve goals, treat chronic injuries and move past previous limitations. Karl is a hands-on deep tissue genius (way past Rolfing), master mechanic and methodical planner with a focus on performance enhancement. Whether you're a dancer, fighter or spear fisherman, Karl will coach you to new heights and achieve what other professional training teams could not even conceive.

As a bio-mechanical machine innovator, Karl List makes Joseph Pilates seem like a mere furniture designer.”

Mike Seidman - Tight End - Carolina Panthers
“My body feels great! Thanks Karl, your stuff really helped open my hips and made me feel the difference a stronger core makes. You’re the money!”


Kristy Lees - World Cup Athlete – Former Canadian Bobsledder – Currently Training for Pole Vault
“I trained on the Canadian bobsledding team for six seasons… A lot of training was very one dimensional – a lot of strength training, linear running… I recently made the switch over to track and field and now have begun pole vaulting… I began training with Karl several months ago and have seen a lot changes in my body - I’ve shed unwanted muscle that really was not functional for me anymore in my sport. It has been very multi-dimensional training, very dynamic. It’s also helped me with a lot of imbalances that I had from my prior sport. I’ve been able to train and compete with ease and injury free. I have been very happy with the results. My body is in better shape than it has ever been.”

Johnnie Morton - Wide Receiver - Detroit Lions
“My latest breakthrough is prioritizing core-stabilization exercises with my trainer Karl List at Gold’s. Karl has me doing a combination of Pilates and core movements – physioballs, rubber cables, abdominals – to focus on eccentric contractions and muscle endurance.” Muscle & Fitness - “Football’s Best Physiques” - October 2001
Patrick Nguyen - Martial Artist - Stunt Man
“Karl is the most knowledgeable and versatile trainer in the gym. He teaches the most correct way of training that includes balance, conditioning and coordination. He has opened my mind to the whole world of training and I have been able to apply this to my martial arts.”
Eric A. Scroggins - Competitive Rower
"The workouts Karl has designed for me, geared to my rowing season, have helped me immensely with my form and strength... In my opinion, there is no better way to fully condition yourself and maximize performance, regardless of your pursuit, than to work with Karl."
Theresa Hessler - Pro Fitness Champion
"When I first saw him at Gold's Gym, Karl and his client were so focused and the workout so intense no one dared to get in their way. Wow - what energy - it made me want to go over and start training with them!!! Since that day, I have admired and respected the same solid commitment he gives to each and every client.
For the past three years, I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with Karl one on one. Being in the health and fitness industry myself for the past 15 years, I have learned more from Karl than from any health and fitness course, lecture, video or trainer. His understanding of how the body moves and functions is amazing. It's difficult to describe in words just how much I can appreciate what Karl provides as a trainer. It's simply something one has to experience."
Jodi Friedman List - Most Decorated NPC Bodybuilding Champion 1989 – 1996
“When I first saw Karl he was squatting 700 pounds with no spotters in the middle of Gold’s Gym, Venice. I knew he was different. I grew to realize that no matter how he trained, he trained with great intensity. With that same intensity he prepared me for multiple victories. He has continued to take care of my body through the births of our two children. Now that I am in my forties my body feels more athletic and functional than it ever has.”

Mike O’Hearn – Mr. World and Mr. Universe
“Here I am, a week before winning Mr. World, being critiqued by nutrition guru Karl List.”

Note: Karl designed and supervised Mike's diet for the Mr. World and Mr. Universe competitions.

Mark Cunningham - Elite Decathlete
“Using Karl’s equipment and methods has made me strong in ways traditional training never has. My performance continues to improve steadily.”

Brad Leggett
Center – New Orleans Saints
(retired due to injury)


“Had I used Karl’s L.I.S.T. system and methods, I would still be in the NFL.”

Olivier Gruner
Two-time World
Kickboxing Champion
Movie Action Hero


“You’re the best, that‘s why I always come back to you.”

Antuan Simmons


“Dude knows his sh….”

Avi Rokah
World Karate Champion

“Karl is the only guy that I have met outside of martial arts that really understands the mechanics of martial arts. I have implemented some of his ideas into my training and teaching.”

Greg Sain
Former Pro Triathlete


'Karl List has been instrumental in developing a core program for me. His unique blend of Core strengthening and rehabilitation make him unique to a Private Trainer. Never before have I seen or encountered a trainer who focuses as hard on strengthening weaknesses and rehabilitating injured areas while at the same time strengthening and balancing the body. Karl's program has and will continue to become the standard for physical training."

Note: Karl assisted in Greg's rehabilitation.

Hayley Sain
Notable Amateur Triathlete

"Karl List's core conditioning program has been instrumental in strengthening my body for the sport of triathlon. After the past year of training with him, I have noticed unbelievable differences in how my core muscles are now firing systematically as never before. In addition, the specific sport simulated movements we have been doing have made me stronger on the bike, in the water and faster on the run. I would never have come so far along in this sport without him."

Ashlea Jones
Canadian National
Figure Skater

  "I am training hard and do your stretch video often. My lower back is awesome, no pain. I find doing your video has helped my consistency on the ice for sure. Thanks!"

Dyana Marlett
Adventure Racer
  "Working with Karl has been challenging, fun and rewarding. I have made immeasurable gains in my strength, power, flexibility, mobility and balance. His intuition into an athlete's mind and body have put him in a unique position to help his clients reach a higher level of fitness and achievement."


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Avi Rokah - World Karate Champion
Olivier Gruner - Kickboxing Champion
John Perretti - Creator of Extreme Fighter

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Kristy Lees - World Cup Athlete - Bobsled
Mark Cunningham - Elite Decathlete
Eric A. Scroggins - Competitive Rower
Theresa Hessler - Pro Fitness Champion
Jodi Friedman List - Bodybuilding Champion
Mike O'Hearn - Mr. World and Mr. Universe
Ashlea Jones - Canadian National Figure Skater
Dyana Marlett - Adventure Racer
Bill Varner - MVP - European Basketball Assoc.
Monica Brant - Ms. Fitness Olympia


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